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Experience the only FDA approved technique for reducing cellulite! Endermologie with LPG is the #1 CELLULITE TREATMENT WORLDWIDE. This proven technique will remove your cellulite through a unique series of treatments designed around your individual needs. If you're looking for enhanced results after the gym or liposuction, let LPG Endermologie work for you. If you desire a more streamlined silhouette with little to no cellulite and you're looking for targeted protocols with measurable results, this customizable treatment is for you! Comfortable and safe, LPG Endermologie is very effective at treating saddlebags, loose sagging skin and localized fat.

First Session (includes a new body suit) $160

Single Session - $105

Series of 16: $1440 (includes Body Suit and saves $295)

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Lymphatic Drainage

30 Min: $105

Body Suit: $55

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LPG Endermologie - Cellulite Treatment

Series of 16 Treatments: $1440

(Includes Body Suit)

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